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innerthoughtsff's Journal

The Inner Thoughts FanFic Challenge!
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The Inner Thoughts FanFic Challenge!

What? FanFics that focus on the inner thoughts of characters are some of the hardest to write, but are often the most fun. The fanfics can either be solitary (focusing only on one character and their inner workings) or just be from the character's point of view and their reactions. The point is too see the inner "guts", if you will, of the charcter.

Who? Any fiction character will do. You want to write a fic about Aeryn Sun's inner workings? Go ahead. Harry Potter? Sure! Any show, book, movie, play, comic book, ANYTHING character is welcome.

How? Each month, a theme will be introduced. By theme, it could be "happy", "silly", "sad", "winter", or any broad theme. Each week, a direct challenge is posted. The challege might be be written in the theme of the month. So, if the theme is "winter" and the challege is "going on a date", then you write a winter story about a date telling the story through the inner thoughts of a character.

Theme will be posted on Sunday of the first full week of the month. Actual challenge will be posted each Sunday (with a theme reminder). Each fic is posted as a new post. The following info should be included in the post:

Your Name
Rating (required if R or NC-17)
Warnings (spoiler, smut, slash)

Please post all fic behind an LJ cut. If you are unsure how to do that, you can look here for info.

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